Explore Our Mechanical Services

Acoustic Treatment, Systems and Plant Enclosures

Design and installation of custom acoustic treatments and enclosures. Ideal for noise reduction in various environments, enhancing comfort and reducing auditory pollution.

Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Structural Platforms and Plant Decks

Engineering and installation of structural platforms and decks, providing robust support and stability for HVAC systems and related infrastructure.

Diesel Fuel Systems

Offering comprehensive services for the installation and maintenance of diesel fuel systems, focusing on reliable and efficient fuel supply management.

Diesel Exhaust and Muffler Systems

Specialising in the installation and maintenance of diesel exhaust and muffler systems to minimise environmental impact and comply with regulations.

Above Ground Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Installations

Expertise in installing above ground diesel fuel storage tanks, ensuring adherence to safety and regulatory standards.

Underground Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Removal and Remediation Works

Providing removal and remediation services for underground diesel fuel storage tanks, ensuring environmental safety and compliance.

Hydraulic Systems Installation and Remediation Works

Installation and remediation of hydraulic systems aimed at optimising performance and efficiency, essential for various industrial applications.

Heavy Equipment Installations and Rigging

Professional installation and rigging services for heavy equipment, prioritising safe and efficient operations.

Demolition and Building Works Associated with Core Disciplines

Offering demolition and building services specifically related to mechanical installations, ensuring seamless integration and execution.

Recent Work

Discover Our Latest Project Highlights

Welcome to GNM Industries’ Project Showcase. Specialising in a vast array of sophisticated engineering solutions, we excel in delivering high-end projects across multiple domains. Our expertise ranges from intricate HVAC system renewals, innovative electrical infrastructure upgrades, to advanced air conditioning and ductwork enhancements. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex renovations like Standby Generator Plant (SGP) upgrades and sustainable building transformations. Our projects demonstrate a keen focus on integrating eco-friendly practices with state-of-the-art technology. Discover how we bring efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge design to every undertaking, ensuring each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Explore our diverse project portfolio that reflects our dedication to modernising, upgrading, and transforming facilities to meet the demands of a dynamic world.

Integrated HVAC Upgrade

Engaged for a major HVAC upgrade, we collaborated with the client’s team for detailed planning and execution. Temporary systems ensured uninterrupted operation during the complex process of splitting and upgrading the facility’s HVAC system. Comprehensive works included new installations, system enhancements, and integrating advanced control systems, ensuring efficiency and modernisation.

Efficient AC Upgrade

The existing main air conditioning system serving this facility was at the end of its maintainable life span. With this in mind and additional future load increases planned for the site we were engaged to provide both design and construction services to provide a solution for the upgrade of the aging plant along with augmenting the existing supplementary units into the new system.

Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Capacity Enhancement

Our team expertly executed the Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Upgrade, significantly boosting power reliability and capacity. The project entailed detailed audits, temporary solutions, and a new Cummins generator installation, all within a tight space and timeframe. This upgrade exemplifies our commitment to advanced, efficient power solutions.

Complete HVAC System Renewal

This project successfully involved the full replacement of the main air conditioning system, upgrading to high-efficiency Temperzone units. Including asbestos removal, new ductwork, and a custom mechanical services switchboard, the project concluded with system testing and balancing, exemplifying our expertise in modern HVAC solutions.

Ductwork Upgrade

This project skillfully enhanced the ductwork system for a data floor, integrating new outlets for equipment suites. Our proposal included ductwork redesign, dropper, damper, and grille installation, with meticulous air and temperature testing for optimal airflow, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and efficient air distribution solutions.

Switchboard and Electrical Infrastructure Transformation

This major project involved upgrading electrical infrastructure, including a new main switchroom and switchboard, to accommodate increased loads from new equipment. Work included building a fire-rated switchroom, excavating for conduits, and coordinating with supply authorities, culminating in a seamless integration of new emergency lighting and generator systems.