Integrated HVAC Upgrade

Revolutionising Facility Comfort: Comprehensive HVAC System Upgrade and Modernisation.

Work Completed

On this project, we were engaged to provide HVAC construction services working closely with the client’s planning and engineering team to undertake required major upgrade works to the facility.

Working with the design engineers we undertook final site investigations to enable us to prepare detailed construction drawings and project quality documentation  allowing us to deliver to design intent and meet specific onsite requirements.

Temporary electrical and air conditioning equipment and services were installed, tested and commissioned onsite to enable the facility to continue operation without interruption for what would be a long and delicate process to finally upgrade and commission a new entire backbone for the facility.

Once the temporary services were tested and in service the existing sites single HVAC system was broken into two. One being for the existing system which was to remain and be placed back into service for half the building once alterations complete along with the construction of a full new system to serve the other half of the building which would facilitate the cooling of soon to be installed new equipment and infrastructure.

The existing sites air conditioning plant was serviced and had component upgrades required to assist on prolonging the lifespan of the plant along with implementation of energy efficiencies. The existing air distribution system was altered for its newly designed arrangement and air distribution network with the installation of new sheetmetal ductwork, balancing dampers and required grilles installed to complete the system. The entire existing system was recommissioned and placed back into service in line with our approved construction and project quality documentation. Modifications and upgrades to the existing Direct Digital Control (DDC) system for the existing plant were also undertaken to enable it to eventually communicate and operate with the newer technologies yet to be installed for the new second plant to serve the site.

General building works, penetrations, weather flashings and water proofing were undertaken as required in preparation for the new plant and systems to be installed as part of the project works.

To house the new plant for the site a new hot dipped galvanised steel platform complete with acoustic screen and roof access system was designed, fabricated and installed onsite. Permits, road closures and traffic control were required to undertake a crane lift of the platform and rooftop plant components to their new location on a busy major suburban street. Emergency and general lighting was installed to the platform on completion to provide a compliant access and maintenance system for the new plant area.

Custom engineered package air conditioning units were procured to meet the project and designs specific needs. These were installed on the new rooftop platform along with sheet metal mixed air box to join the two new units. New internally insulated sheetmetal supply and return air ductwork along with motorised and manual dampers were installed and connected to the new plant to complete the system along with outside and exhaust air infrastructure for a free cooling system. All external ductwork along with penetration entries were weather sealed with flange caps as well as custom flashings and sealant to prevent any water ingress into the ductwork or building.

A new mechanical services switchboard was designed, constructed and installed to serve the new package units and house the new controls system and components required for the new system. The new DDC system controllers and field equipment were installed and commisssioned in line with the clients required standards and calibrated to within acceptable tollerances to ensure optimum performance of the new system. The new system was networked with the already altered existing DDC system onsite enabling them to operate together to satisfy building demand as well as communicate with the updated remote monitoring system onsite.

Comprehensive testing, commissioning, documentation and witness testing of the new and existing plant along with associated controls and monitoring systems were undertaken to confirm the systems serving the facility were operating correctly in all modes, met design intent and satisfied clients standards.

Third party inspections and certifications were undertaken by independant consultants to ensure the project work complied with required structural and acoustic requirements along with building codes and fire standards.

Recent Work

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Integrated HVAC Upgrade

Engaged for a major HVAC upgrade, we collaborated with the client’s team for detailed planning and execution. Temporary systems ensured uninterrupted operation during the complex process of splitting and upgrading the facility's HVAC system. Comprehensive works included new installations, system enhancements, and integrating advanced control systems, ensuring efficiency and modernisation.

Efficient AC Upgrade

The existing main air conditioning system serving this facility was at the end of its maintainable life span. With this in mind and additional future load increases planned for the site we were engaged to provide both design and construction services to provide a solution for the upgrade of the aging plant along with augmenting the existing supplementary units into the new system.

Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Capacity Enhancement

Our team expertly executed the Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Upgrade, significantly boosting power reliability and capacity. The project entailed detailed audits, temporary solutions, and a new Cummins generator installation, all within a tight space and timeframe. This upgrade exemplifies our commitment to advanced, efficient power solutions.

Complete HVAC System Renewal

This project successfully involved the full replacement of the main air conditioning system, upgrading to high-efficiency Temperzone units. Including asbestos removal, new ductwork, and a custom mechanical services switchboard, the project concluded with system testing and balancing, exemplifying our expertise in modern HVAC solutions.

Ductwork Upgrade

This project skillfully enhanced the ductwork system for a data floor, integrating new outlets for equipment suites. Our proposal included ductwork redesign, dropper, damper, and grille installation, with meticulous air and temperature testing for optimal airflow, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and efficient air distribution solutions.

Switchboard and Electrical Infrastructure Transformation

This major project involved upgrading electrical infrastructure, including a new main switchroom and switchboard, to accommodate increased loads from new equipment. Work included building a fire-rated switchroom, excavating for conduits, and coordinating with supply authorities, culminating in a seamless integration of new emergency lighting and generator systems.

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