Explore Our Advanced HVAC Services

Extraction and ventilation systems

We provide advanced extraction and ventilation solutions, focusing on the efficient removal of air pollutants to foster healthier indoor environments. Our expert installations are designed to meet the unique needs of each space, ensuring optimal air quality and comfort.

Mechanical ventilation and exhaust systems

Specialised in the installation and maintenance of mechanical ventilation and exhaust systems, focusing on achieving optimal indoor air quality for a healthier, safer environment.

Air and Water Balancing

Precision balancing services for air and water systems, essential for creating comfortable, energy-efficient, and optimally performing environments.

Packaged type air conditioning system installations

Our team specialises in comprehensive packaged air conditioning systems. We deliver precise climate control solutions that boost comfort and productivity, tailored to suit various industrial and commercial settings.

Split ducted air conditioning system installations.

We offer precision installations of split ducted air conditioning systems, separating the cooling process for targeted efficiency. This approach guarantees optimal performance across different environments, from small offices to large commercial spaces.

Lifecycle air conditioning replacement

Our all-encompassing air conditioning replacement services cover every stage of a system’s lifecycle. We ensure seamless and sustainable upgrades, minimising downtime and maximising system efficiency.

Chiller replacements and installations

We are the experts in replacing and installing chillers for industrial cooling needs. Our team can handle complex installations, ensuring your industrial processes remain cool and efficient.

Chilled and Condenser Water Systems

Specialising in chilled and condenser water systems, we offer bespoke solutions to meet specific industrial cooling requirements. Our installations are designed for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Cooling Tower Replacements and Installations

Our specialised services in cooling tower replacements and installations focus on enhancing the efficiency of your overall cooling system, ideal for large-scale industrial applications.

Computer and Data Room Under Floor Cooling Systems

We provide tailored underfloor cooling solutions for computer and data rooms. Our systems maintain optimal conditions, ensuring the longevity and reliability of sensitive equipment.

Fresh and Clean Air Intake Systems

Our installations are designed to ensure the intake of fresh and clean air, significantly improving indoor air quality for occupants and complying with health and safety standards.

Direct Digital Controls (DDC) and Building Management Systems (BMS)

Our cutting-edge DDC and BMS provide efficient management of HVAC operations, optimising performance and energy savings, and offering easy-to-use interfaces for system monitoring and control.

Mechanical/Electrical Wiring and Controls

Our proficiency extends to the installation and management of mechanical and electrical controls, ensuring seamless operation and integration of your HVAC systems.

Sheetmetal Ductwork Replacement, Upgrades, and Installation Works

We specialise in ductwork replacement, upgrades, and installations, focusing on enhancing system efficiency and air distribution quality.

Motorised Damper and Volume Control Damper (VCD) Replacement and Installations

Our precision services in damper replacement and installations regulate airflow efficiently, enabling fine-tuned climate control in diverse settings.

Fire Damper Replacement and Installations

We ensure safety and compliance by replacing and installing fire dampers, adhering to stringent safety and regulatory standards.

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Replacement, Retrofit, and Installation Works

Our expertise in VSD technology focuses on energy-efficient operations, offering replacement, retrofitting, and new installations that enhance the overall performance of HVAC systems.

Ductwork Remediation Works

Our remediation services optimise and enhance existing ductwork systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance and efficiency.

Testing and Commissioning Services

We provide thorough testing and commissioning services, ensuring that HVAC systems function optimally and efficiently, meeting all operational standards.

Air and Water Testing

Our comprehensive testing services cover both air and water quality, ensuring they meet the highest standards for health and environmental safety.

Acoustic Systems and Plant Enclosures

We design and install acoustic systems and plant enclosures that effectively reduce operational noise, creating quieter, more comfortable environments.

Structural Platforms and Plant Decks

Our engineering and installation services for structural platforms and decks provide robust support for HVAC systems, ensuring their stability and longevity in demanding environments.


What types of HVAC systems do you install for commercial and industrial businesses?

We specialise in installing a wide range of HVAC systems, including split systems, rooftop units, chillers, boilers and customised solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of commercial and industrial spaces


How do I determine the right HVAC system for my facility?

Selecting the right system involves considering factors such as building size, usage, occupancy, and energy efficient goals. Our expert team conducts a thorough assessment to recommend the most suitable HVAC solution for your specific requirements


What are the benefits of a split system HVAC installation for my business?

Split systems offer energy efficiency, flexibility in zoning, and ease of installation. They are ideal for spaces with varying heating and cooling needs, providing  precise temperature control.

Can you design and install custom HVAC solutions for unique industrial processes?

Yes, we specialise in designing and installing customised HVAC solutions to meet the unique requirements of the industrial processes. Our team works closely with clients to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

What is the lifespan of commercial HVAC systems, and how often should they be replaced?

The lifespan varies depending on factors such as system type, usage, and maintenance. On average, commercial HVAC systems last 15-25 years. Our team can assess your system and recommend replacement when necessary.

Do you offer maintenance services for HVAC systems, and how important is regular maintenance?

Yes, we provide comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC systems. Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing breakdowns, optimising performance, and reducing energy costs.

Can you handle the installation of ductwork for commercial and industrial HVAC systems?

Absolutely. We specialise in the design and installation of ductwork for HVAC systems, ensuring optimal airflow and distribution throughout your commercial or industrial facility.

What role does energy efficiency play in commercial HVAC installations, and how can it benefit my business?

Energy efficient HVAC systems reduce operational costs and environmental impact. We prioritise energy-efficient solutions, helping businesses achieve sustainability goals while enjoying long-term cost savings.

How disruptive is the HVAC installation process and what measures do you take to minimise disruption to our operations?

We understand the importance of minimising disruptions. Our installation process is carefully planned to ensure efficient execution with minimal impact on your day to day operations. We work closely with clients to schedule installations at convenient times.

What certifications and qualifications does your team possess for HVAC installations?

Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals with expertise in HVAC design, installation and maintenance. We stay updated on industry standards to provide the highest level of service.

Recent Work

Discover Our Latest Project Highlights

Welcome to GNM Industries' Project Showcase. Specialising in a vast array of sophisticated engineering solutions, we excel in delivering high-end projects across multiple domains. Our expertise ranges from intricate HVAC system renewals, innovative electrical infrastructure upgrades, to advanced air conditioning and ductwork enhancements. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex renovations like Standby Generator Plant (SGP) upgrades and sustainable building transformations. Our projects demonstrate a keen focus on integrating eco-friendly practices with state-of-the-art technology. Discover how we bring efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge design to every undertaking, ensuring each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Explore our diverse project portfolio that reflects our dedication to modernising, upgrading, and transforming facilities to meet the demands of a dynamic world.

Integrated HVAC Upgrade

Engaged for a major HVAC upgrade, we collaborated with the client’s team for detailed planning and execution. Temporary systems ensured uninterrupted operation during the complex process of splitting and upgrading the facility's HVAC system. Comprehensive works included new installations, system enhancements, and integrating advanced control systems, ensuring efficiency and modernisation.

Efficient AC Upgrade

The existing main air conditioning system serving this facility was at the end of its maintainable life span. With this in mind and additional future load increases planned for the site we were engaged to provide both design and construction services to provide a solution for the upgrade of the aging plant along with augmenting the existing supplementary units into the new system.

Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Capacity Enhancement

Our team expertly executed the Standby Generator Plant (SGP) Upgrade, significantly boosting power reliability and capacity. The project entailed detailed audits, temporary solutions, and a new Cummins generator installation, all within a tight space and timeframe. This upgrade exemplifies our commitment to advanced, efficient power solutions.

Complete HVAC System Renewal

This project successfully involved the full replacement of the main air conditioning system, upgrading to high-efficiency Temperzone units. Including asbestos removal, new ductwork, and a custom mechanical services switchboard, the project concluded with system testing and balancing, exemplifying our expertise in modern HVAC solutions.

Ductwork Upgrade

This project skillfully enhanced the ductwork system for a data floor, integrating new outlets for equipment suites. Our proposal included ductwork redesign, dropper, damper, and grille installation, with meticulous air and temperature testing for optimal airflow, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and efficient air distribution solutions.

Switchboard and Electrical Infrastructure Transformation

This major project involved upgrading electrical infrastructure, including a new main switchroom and switchboard, to accommodate increased loads from new equipment. Work included building a fire-rated switchroom, excavating for conduits, and coordinating with supply authorities, culminating in a seamless integration of new emergency lighting and generator systems.

Empowering Tomorrow:

GNM Industries Illuminate NSW Government Schools with Solar Panel Installations

GNM Industries has implemented custom solar solutions in six NSW public schools as part of a government initiative, focusing on environmental responsibility and cost savings. These installations, featuring high-efficiency panels and energy storage, optimise energy efficiency and integrate with existing infrastructure, marking a significant step towards sustainability and reduced energy costs.

Empowering Businesses:

 Solar Panel and Battery Installation Drives Sustainable Solutions

GNM Industries has implemented custom solar solutions in six NSW public schools as part of a government initiative, focusing on environmental responsibility and cost savings. These installations, featuring high-efficiency panels and energy storage, optimise energy efficiency and integrate with existing infrastructure, marking a significant step towards sustainability and reduced energy costs.